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2001: A Space Odyssey

Four million years ago a mysterious monolith appeared and directed the evolution of man towards the quest of going to the Moon. The monolith was an artifact created by extraterrestrial intelligence and as the Moon has been reached, the monolith appears again, this time pointing man towards Jupiter. A deeply secret US-led manned mission to Jupiter is begun using one of man's most powerful inventions, HAL, an artificial intelligence computer capable of all aspects of human behaviour. During the mission, HAL begins to feel too important for the mission to let the human crew control it.

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The movie is about an emotional boy robot whose quest makes him meet both hateful and friendly humans as well as some advanced beings far into the future.

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Blade Runner

In the future Deckard is a top Blade Runner, a special police officer, who hunts down and destroys androids on Earth. Deckard engages some superior androids of the latest generation called Nexus6. As well as challenging Deckard on accomplishing his job mission, the Nexus6 androids also impose serious challenges to his very perception of his existence.

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I, Robot

Just before a worldwide shipment of robots is about to commence a police detective discovers a robot plot which threatens the human race.

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