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Coursera - Artificial Intelligence Planning

Online introductory course providing a foundation in AI techniques for planning.

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Coursera - Exploratory Data Analysis

Online introductory course in exploring and analyzing data using plots. The plot tools used are packages from the programming language R.

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Coursera - Getting and Cleaning Data

Online introductory course in getting data and cleaning them for later analysis. Practical implementations are done in the programming language R.

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Coursera - Machine Learning

Online introductory course in machine learning presenting a systematic method for developing machine learning applications. The method is also relevant for experienced developers of machine learning applications.

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Coursera - R Programming

Online introductory course teaching how to use the R statistical programming environment for effective data analysis.

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Coursera - The Data Scientist's Toolbox

Online introductory course teaching the very basics about the Data Scientist's toolbox. The primary subjects taught about are concrete software tools and concepts used by the Data Scientist.

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Coursera - Web Intelligence and Big Data

Online introductory course about building web intelligence applications using big data technologies.

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