Hugin Expert

Hugin Expert is a company providing artificial intelligence software for advanced decision support. The software is based on Bayesian networks, BN, and Hugin Expert participates in ongoing research in the BN-community.

The BN-software allows cause-effect modeling of a domain by identifying domain concepts and relating them using conditional probability distributions. The model concepts can be discrete and/or continuous. Given observed evidence, the probabilities in the model can be updated ensuring that a requested query is based on the evidence. The evidence need only be partial, it is not needed to observe the whole domain before a query gives a useful result. The BN-software supplies arguments for it's results and these can for instance be used when making critical decisions. Also, sensitivity analysis is supported, which can be used to focus on domain areas which are most likely to have a significant effect on a given query. The model can be created by a human domain expert and/or by letting the software learn from historical data. Both qualitative and quantitative learning are supported such that the relations and probability distributions can be learned automatically. The BN-software supports utility and decision nodes. A utility node computes the expected utility such as monetary cost, and a decision node describes a set of decisions that can be made at a given position in the model. The chosen decision can be propagated through the model hence showing the effect such as the expected cost (utility) of making the decision.

An example usage is when deciding if an insurance claim is fraudulent. A well designed BN-model can quickly and precisely make the decision. If the claim is judged valid the customer is served quickly, and if the claim is fraudulent, the insurance company saves the payout.

A java based GUI is supplied allowing users to create and use the BN-model. If users want to integrate the BN-model in their own software, an API is available for the most common platforms (Linux, Windows) and for some common programming languages (C, C++, Java, etc.). The API is also available as a web service allowing calls from programs written in arbitrary chosen programming languages running on arbitrary chosen platforms.

To get started, a lite version for free download is available, and for extra help, a partner program with Hugin Expert is available.

Visit the company web site here.

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